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Earning Art Belt Loop

It was very eventful night at the Scout Mansion. Eight boys had participated to earn their Art Belt Loop.

On June 24th I had schedule an art teacher/illustrator to come in to scout mansion from 7pm-8pm. A very special thanks to Alvina Kwong. She had illustrated for couple of children books. A very talented young women that is willing to come in from Chino Hill to teach the scouts about some art. Scouts are allow to be on hands with pencil, color pencil and learn how to do basic drawing and cartoons.

Please check out some of her work she had done previously and a little about her.

Here is the list that I have that the boys had completed their requirements for the Art Belt Loop

  1. Make a list of common Materials used to create visual art compositions
  2. Demonstrated how six of the following elements of design are used in drawing: Lines, circles, dots, shapes, colors, patterns, textures, space, balance, or perspective
  3. Identify the three primary colors and the three secondary colors that can be made by mixing them

Awesome Job Boys! High Five!!!


Now on the way to work on the art pin in the near future.


Advancement Pack Meeting

Boy Scouts Of America 

Troop 139

Summer court of Honor


Pack 39

Advancement Pack Meeting

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Making Healthy Snack & Helping others

Not only making healthy snacks today. But more importantly helping each other out. We all were able to help Benjamin and Brain to earn the bobcat patch.

Healthy Snacks we made:

  • Ants on the Log
  • Fish in Ocean

Bike maintenance

Thanks to our volunteer Mr. Miller to stop by to show us how to maintain our bike to keep in good shape. Also, demonstrated how to fix a flat tire and broken chain.

Puppet Show

Welcome to our new Cub Scout Benjamin!!!
He join us making puppet and provided an amazing puppet show.

Learning to Sew buttons

Award Ceremony

With all his hard work in such short period of time Nathan has earned

  • bowling belt loop
  • Bobcat Patch
  • Tiger Patch
  • Regata 2013 Patch

Visiting the Firestation

Boy Scout Cooked! Mother’s Day Dinner – Bingo Night

3 Large hamburger

1 Large Burrito

1 Large Pizza

I am one lucky mother!

Rain Rugetta Race 2013