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Hiking Eaton Canyon 7-28-2013

Active morning Hike with the boys at Eaton Canyon 7/28/2013.

Some of those had earned their Hiking Belt loop, Hiking Pin, and some on their way to earn their Leave No Trace Patch.

Another successful 3 1/2 miles day hike.



Community Service 7-27-2013

It was such a successful day early sat. July 27, 2013 Morning from 7am-9:30am. Some scouts had join as a unit to show the helping hands and the meaning of helping each other and our community. The scouts once again had provided community Service in Los Angeles area in The All Saints Episcopal Church in Highland Park. The proud Sponsor and organizer was provided by a non-profit organization Hands On – Helping Humanity.  

These Scout had set up the area. Packed all the food and offer to the local homeless, and needies in the community. All the scouts openly and smiling providing this service. They had said, “Good Morning, Thank you for coming, Have a wonderful/good day”

These scouts are our future leaders. Had made me proud once again.

 Scouts participating will earn a patch to be awarded during the next Pack Meeting. 

South Pasadena 4th of July Parade – 2013

2013 4th of July Festival of Balloons Parade

Theme: Happy 125th Birthday South Pasadena

As Troop 139 and pack 39 had enter to march down Mission Rd for the 2013 4th July Festival of Balloon Parade. We are proud to be an American as we wave our flag.

I am proud to be able to be their Den Leader!

Backpacking Trip

June 28-July 1st on our backpacking trip to the High Sierra Mountain.  Nathan & his fellow friends will be backpacking about 8-10lbs of weight about 5.5 miles up to 7500 – 9500 evaluations to reach our destination in 5-6hours of hike.
During this trip 6/28-7/1 would qualified earning his 
  • Hiking belt loop & pin
  • Fishing Belt Loop (fishing trouts) & pin
  • Cub Scouting’s Leave No Trace Awareness Aware


It was amazing. These kids I am so extremely proud of that made up there with no problem. What a trooper! I tell you it was no easy breezy hike.
We had caught over 30 fishes, taught the kids how to gut it and clean it, and cook it. We made bow and arrow and sling shots.