[Cub Scout] Thanksgivi​ng Meal @ Sat Nov 30, 2013 12pm – 7pm (CUB SCOUTS)

The Scout had choose to make these for Thanksgiving meal They will prep and cook and serve, set up table, and clean. This event will have them complete the assignment to approach their wolf patch.

The menu is just tentative, The boys are just throwing out there what they want to eat/make.

-Mac n Cheese
-Mash potatoes w/ gravy
-Pizza w/ cheese, pepperoni, bacon, pineapple, gummy worm
-fried chicken legs
-chow fun

– Fruit punch (Buying, not making)
– Water (Buying, not making)
– Sprite (Buying, not making)
– Milk (Buying, not making)

-Chocolate cake
-Blueberry pie
-pumpkin pie
-ice cream (Buying, not making)

ADULTS: are require to help as well. If you like you can bring a small dish for lunch as we are preparing for dinner. We would like to enjoy the scout meal as they will be working so hard in.


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