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2014 May 26 Cub Scout Award Ceremony


2014 May 19 Scout Portraits

As our annual scout photos… Look how Handsome they all look! This is our Troop 139 Pack 39 .. As we are missing a few scouts during portraits day.

2014 May 17 Lemonade & Garage Sale Fundraiser

2014 May 09 – Mother’s Day Dinner / Medieval Times

Tonight’s mother’s day Medieval Times Dinner Show was Fabulous.  I had A LOT of fun.  The performing boy scouts had a lot of fun.  I can tell from there acting.   The audience was involved and into it.  I came home tonight and started reflecting on tonight – very satisfying to see the boys enjoyed putting on a show.  Before tonight, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do another one because it is a lot of work.  After another successful activity, it’s time to continue with another.  We’ll have a luau next year.  Get your mumu and get ready for some Hawaiian dancing.  Another GREAT job by the boy scouts and the scout family audience.  All the moms, have a wonderful Mother’s Day Sunday.  Enjoy your special day.

2014-May 8: Prepping for Mother’s Day Dinner

A day before we gather some cub scouts to practice on the skits that will be acting on the next the for the appreciation and honor of the Mothers on Mother’s Day.

Not only we had practice for a few hours but kids cubs scouts and siblings learned and made made made brownies, strawberry dipped chocolate and packaging as well.

With such big heart and talent, how can they not be love-able. & don’t worry moms they had test tasting making sure they taste good. 🙂