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Moonlight Fishing: August 30/31 at Santa Fe Dam Recreation Center

It was a hot summer night. As the boyscout and the cub scouts join to participate in this event. Hardly any breeze and it was hot and sticky. Did the boys complain? Not at all. Some had stayed and camped over night and some I left during the night.

At the end we only caught 2 fishes as a troop, and a crawl fish. Regardless our spirit was still up and some of us was our frist time experience of moonlight fishing. We had a blast.


Backpacking Trip

June 28-July 1st on our backpacking trip to the High Sierra Mountain.  Nathan & his fellow friends will be backpacking about 8-10lbs of weight about 5.5 miles up to 7500 – 9500 evaluations to reach our destination in 5-6hours of hike.
During this trip 6/28-7/1 would qualified earning his 
  • Hiking belt loop & pin
  • Fishing Belt Loop (fishing trouts) & pin
  • Cub Scouting’s Leave No Trace Awareness Aware


It was amazing. These kids I am so extremely proud of that made up there with no problem. What a trooper! I tell you it was no easy breezy hike.
We had caught over 30 fishes, taught the kids how to gut it and clean it, and cook it. We made bow and arrow and sling shots.