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07.01.2016 Scout promotion rewards 

The den mothers of pack 39, getting ready to promote our scouts to next rank!!



2014-07-21 Scout Basketball

Cub Scouts

Boy Scouts

2014 April 14 – South Pasadena Troop 139 & Pack 39 : Campfire

Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts joins for another eventful evening. One of our many Mondays fun meetings get together gathering for our campfire What also made it extra special even another member from South Pasadena Pack 7 had join us as well.

We had served for vegetarians members & carnivore members.

All, thanks goes out to our Scout Master Mr. Yan. And this couldn’t had happen if we don’t have such great parent support.

April 04-06, 2014 : Cub Scout Rocket Camp

We all had a ton of fun. I think the parent were the one that needed the nap instead of the kids.

We saw all the rocket launch: it was AWESOME!!
– Sebastian: “That Guy”
– Micheal: “Hot Rod”
– Nathan: “Lighting Bulb”
– John: “Silver Bullet”
– Hailey: “Polka”
– Prince :
– Duke :

All the scouts had accomplished all their activities. Some of the activities they had done and earned towards their arrows, belt loop & pin, their scout book requirement.

– Camping (Leave no Trace behind)
– Toss
– Sling Shots
– Archery
– BB gun shooting
– UFO decorating : ART
– Key Chain making
– Moon walking
– rock climbing
– Bouncer
– water rocket
– Airplane gilding
& others.

AND also AMAZING so proud of those scout that did a skit in front of 600+ people. Thank you Mrs. Klee for writing, coordination and directing them.


Dinner Time!! 


Our audiences “campfire” gathering for our performers

& This is how we end the night…. DESSERT!!

2014-02-21 Boy Scout & Cub Scout Fun Activities together @ Sky Zone Covina

This is for Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts and families. What a great way for family and the boys the bond as a troop. We not only work together but we sure know how to have some fun time.

Indoor Camping December 6-8, 2013

Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts & Parents,

We had a great time this weekend even though we were rained out at Firestone for Shooting & Archery. The boys were able to play many games including nerf shootout, box hockey, broom ball, and bb shooting. The boys learned about the Flag and folding the flag. The boys made the abacus and learned how to use it. The boys learned a couple of knots and fusing/whipping a rope. The boys watched a movie Friday night and another movie Saturday night. The boys watch videos like Friday, I Love Chinese Food, What Does the Fox Say, and Jumping to Bar Bar Bar. Ask them about these videos. The boys had a wonderful time with the Auction. It was fun watching them bid on the numerous items. It was fun and a great experience. We’ll definitely do the auction again.

Like I said, although we weren’t able to camp at Firestone, we had a great time.

Thank you to the following –
1. Mr. Miller for setting up and running the bb shooting range on Saturday afternoon after the rain had stopped.
2. Mr. Onaga for helping with the broom ball after bb shooting range.
3. Everyone involved with cleaning the Church Mansion sleeping area after Saturday night dinner.
4. Mrs. Rios-Parra for keeping the Cub Scouts busy during clean up after Saturday night dinner.
5. All the Boy Scouts for helping with the supervision of the Cub Scouts during various activities. They did not get all the scout bucks they deserved for helping during the busy weekend. They had to deal with being the last to cook and eat their meals. They did not complained at all. Great Sport.
6. The parents who helped out with the Auction.
7. The parents involved with cleaning the kitchen after the meals.
(To have 3 groups cooking in the crowded kitchen for the various meals were a challenge but we all dealt with it nicely and got through it.)
8. Everyone involved with the rush clean up of the Church Mansion on Sunday morning to get it ready for Church Service.
9. Mrs. Munoz and the Boy Scouts for mopping and cleaning the Church Mansion on Sunday morning.

[Cub Scout] Thanksgivi​ng Meal @ Sat Nov 30, 2013 12pm – 7pm (CUB SCOUTS)

The Scout had choose to make these for Thanksgiving meal They will prep and cook and serve, set up table, and clean. This event will have them complete the assignment to approach their wolf patch.

The menu is just tentative, The boys are just throwing out there what they want to eat/make.

-Mac n Cheese
-Mash potatoes w/ gravy
-Pizza w/ cheese, pepperoni, bacon, pineapple, gummy worm
-fried chicken legs
-chow fun

– Fruit punch (Buying, not making)
– Water (Buying, not making)
– Sprite (Buying, not making)
– Milk (Buying, not making)

-Chocolate cake
-Blueberry pie
-pumpkin pie
-ice cream (Buying, not making)

ADULTS: are require to help as well. If you like you can bring a small dish for lunch as we are preparing for dinner. We would like to enjoy the scout meal as they will be working so hard in.

Scout Ice Skating 11*15*2013

The boy scouts will be going ice skating on Friday, November 15. Cub scouts and parents are welcome to join in. Cub scouts who have not earned skating belt loop will have opportunity to earn this belt loop.

Pack Meeting for awards 9/30/13

Archery fun day: Saturday, September 7

As some of the scouts today had introduction to Archerys and earn their archery belt loop.